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One of the worse hit LGAs in Adamawa state by Boko Haram insurgency is Madagali. Madagali LGA is boarded by Michika to the North, Askira Uba to the West, Gwoza to the South and the Republic of Cameroon to the East. The distance from Yola to Madagali is about 277 km. The Local government has an estimated population of 195,000 people. The major ethnic groups in Madagali LGA are Marghi, Maffa and Fulanis, who practice two main religions, Christianity and Islam. It is unfortunate that many of the displaced persons especially women and children who could not run to other cities and towns across the country still live in constant fear and even those that escape to other towns are roaming the streets.

Therefore, the above situation necessitated the SHARE Foundation and CEPAN to intervene through the implementation of the MADAGALI PROJECT. The project started with sensitization and awareness creation on COVID-19. Dry season farming training is another key components of the project that is designed to bring the community members of the five district in Madagali local government area together in order to equip them with concepts and techniques of dry season farming. The objectives of this activity is to boost income generation, enhance food security and nutrition among crisis-affected communities across the district of Madagali local government area of Adamawa state.

Most small-scale farmers in Adamawa state rely on rain season cultivation and do not have access to adequate water sources to engage in large-scale dry season production leading to local shortage of important crops and high market prices in the dry season. The Dry Season Farming project is to support dry season farmers in Madagali local government area to increase crop production, and thereby improve food security and household nutrition, and increase the potential for income generation all year round.

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