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In order to create more opportunity for in and out of school young youths across  ethnic and religious backgrounds to interact and learn from each other, an annual Youth Peace Camp is organized in Jos. Male and Female young people including students from various communities and schools are mobilized to attend the activity. The activity creates conducive atmosphere for youths to build new relationships, learn about peace, citizenship and leadership, and other issues important for youth’s development.


Among the features expected at the programme are talks on leadership and civic education, peace education, Gender and Development, HIV/AIDS awareness etc. There are also sports (football, volley ball, Table Tennis etc). The aim is to provide youths the opportunity to acquire knowledge on wide spectrum of areas. The evening sporting activities will assist in building the physical and health condition of the youths.


All the areas that are selected are meant to build a crop of future leaders who have the capacity to contribute effective not only in the peacebuilding process in the state but also in national development as a whole. Building a very responsible generation of youth will at the long run enhance peace and unity of the state and Nigeria at large.

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