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     The Centre for Peace Advancement in Nigeria (CEPAN) is an interfaith, not-for-profit making, non-governmental organization established in February 2004. The organization came about as a result of response to the plethora of sectarian violent conflicts in Nigeria by a group of peace-building practitioners.  These concern people have actively been involved in peace work for so many years working especially with different Christian Faith-Based Organizations to promote peaceful coexistence between Muslims and Christians in Nigeria. The organization aims at strengthening the values of peace, mutual understanding and tolerance among the diverse ethnic and religious groups in Nigeria. CEPAN was registered in 2006 by Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC), an agency of the Federal Government of Nigeria as an interfaith, not-for-profit making, and non-governmental organization.

     The Centre for Peace Advancement in Nigeria (CEPAN) works to create peaceful communities in Nigeria by promoting peacebuilding and development through dialogue, conciliation services, training, research and disseminating accurate and reliable information on peace and development.

The goals of the organisation include:

  • Strengthening local capacities for sustainable peace and development in communities.

  • The promotion of peaceful coexistence and harmony among people of diverse ethnic and religious affiliations in communities.

  • Promoting peace education among children and young people in school and out of school.

  • Empowerment of women and youth for effective negotiation, dialogue and mediation.

  • Producing research and documentation.

  • Reducing poverty through the promotion of good governance.


  • Establishment of peace clubs in 17 secondary schools across Plateau State.

  • Establishment of 9 community peace teams in 9 local government areas in Plateau State.

  • Training of over 2,000 people in peacebuilding, conflict analysis and mediation.

  • Hosting strong networks of peacebuilding organisations such as the West Africa Network for Peacebuilding and the Plateau Peace Practitioners Network.

  • Collaboration and partnership with the Plateau State Government and other national and international organizations and institutions.

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