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Youth-led Peace Platform” (YPP) started in 5 communities in Jos Plateau State (Anglo-Jos, Nassarawa-Gwong, Tudun-Wada, Dadin Kowa, Anguwan-Rogo, and Kabong). Thus, the mission and vision of CEPAN is to create a society where there is based on justice, harmony based on people’s recognition of the strength and beauty of diversity based on sustainable development in communities. CEPAN also helped in creating peaceful communities by promoting peace building and development. With the establishment of Youth-led Peace Platform (YPP) it comprises a group of dynamic community youth who are actively involved in peace building in their respective communities and engaging political and security actors to improve governance. This group of individuals has been in close touch with peace situations in their communities and is indeed peace ambassadors as their inputs have been greatly appreciated by their communities.
The YPP initiative has been introduced was an initiative of CR-NED to CEPAN during the implementation of their project to the members of the Youth platform. The members of the YPP are effectively working using skills they have learned and developed from trainings organized by CEPAN and sponsored by other implementing partners to engage proactively with policy actors and community leaders in their respective communities with the sole aim of ensuring that good governance is achieved so that peace and security can continue to thrive in communities in Jos.
CEPAN has built structure such as the YPPs, Youth-Mediation Team, and CEPAN Friends (at-risk Youth) these structures are helping communities understand the issues that divide the people so that they can resolve their differences and realize their potentials amicably. Below are the highlights of some of our achievements as an organization on working with the young people:

  • YPPs are participating actively in social, economic and political activities in their respective communities.

  • The YPPs have gained the trust and recognition of their local communities as they are involved in mediation activities to help resolve conflict emergence among local communities using their skills. CEPAN build the capacity of this young people in developing responsible youth who are influential to peace building through their targeted-initiatives.

  • The YPP has helped in promoting security and good-governance.

  • With establishment of the YPP, the voice of the youth and women are being strengthened for participation in key areas of community development.

  • The menace of substance abuse in YPP communities are reduced some of them have been transformed and have joined support group. Some of the ex-drug addict have become reformed and are integrated into communities. These make them to be responsible in their communities and they are actively contributing to the success of the YPP platform and peace building in their communities. 

  • CEPAN has establish school peace club as one of its initiatives for building peace values in the younger generation and one of its emphases is the need for the inclusion and protection of younger adults from drugs and substance abuse into school. 

  • The YPPs platform provide platform for discussions in communities with community leaders, women and youth groups towards countering violent extremism and radicalization. 

Working with young people has helped them to contribute immensely and build local capacities is key to enabling them contribute adequately to community growth and development.

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