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Peace Songs/Music: It is evident that music is one major vehicle of information dissemination especially among youths. Hence, peace songs/music composed by the students are always showcased at CEPAN project activities. Different schools are encouraged to make presentations, but other groups in the state who are willing to participate are also featured.


Cultural Dances: In order to display the rich and enviable culture and tradition of the Plateau State people, various cultural dances by the students are featured. The aim is to demonstrate how our culture can and should be used to promote peace and mutual harmony among our people. This also adds colour to CEPAN programmes.


Drama: Drama clubs exist in many of our secondary schools in the state. Many young talented members of these clubs have over time entertained students and staff with very captivating and educating dramas. These talents are utilized by developing peace dramas that will be used to entertain and educate audience on the importance of peace and the effects of violent conflicts to our society.


Comedy: Through our school peace project activities, we have identified young comedians, who are not less talented than other well known comedians in the country. Apart from displaying their talents, they also entertain participants with comedies loaded with peace messages.


Poems: We have discovered that poem is one effective way peace messages can be transmitted and the students have the capacity to do it effectively.


Peace Messages: A key role stakeholders, community/religious leaders, the state government, Ministry of Education and Principals, play is to give goodwill/peace messages during CEPAN activities. This is aimed not only at encouraging the students to inculcate the culture of peace irrespective of their cultural and religious backgrounds but also to continue to work for peace in their schools and immediate communities.

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