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CEPAN is also a member of the HSN, a project of Youth Adolescent Reflection and Action Centre (YARAC) and Action Aid (AAN). This programme brings together key civil society organizations working in the area of peacebuilding and conflict management in plateau state. The aim is to generate and document reports and concerns on conflict signals and report to the appropriate stakeholders including the security agencies. The network through its members generated timely reports of early warning signals which were documented and distributed to the stakeholders before the crisis of 2008 and 2010. Though the conflict could not be averted, the network has lived up to its role in making information available to authorities.


West Africa Network for Peacebuilding (WANEP) Nigeria: The Humanitarian Emergency Response and Development (H.E.R.D) is a project designed, developed and implemented by the West Africa Network for Peacebuilding, WANEP-Nigeria, as a platform to facilitate the contribution of civil society organizations to the reduction of risk or vulnerabilities of humanitarian crises or disasters in Nigeria.  The Early Warning system is an integral part of the West Africa Early Warning Network (WARN) coordinated by WANEP to facilitate civil society based early warning and response network in West Africa with emphasis on human security. CEPAN is the Coordinating Secretariat of WANEP Nigeria North Central Zone and is a strong contributor to the Early Warning System.


West Africa Conflict Assessment (WACA) Framework: CEPAN was one of the few organizations recognized to participate in the design and development of the WACA Framework for Nigeria. The framework is aimed at enhancing the capacity of CSOs to respond effectively to conflicts when they are manifested. The project was implemented by ARD/EWARDS funded by USAID in collaboration with ECOWAS and the University of Maryland.


CEPAN has consistently engaged in peacebuilding, conflict management and EWER through community peacebuilding projects. CEPAN has engaged Governments and other key stakeholders in efforts to reduce the preponderances of violent conflict in plateau state. CEPAN has designed different tools and IECs for the propagation of peace messages such as jingles, stickers, posters etc. it has also developed the capacity of different stakeholders in peacebuilding and conflict management

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