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  • CEPAN has established 9 sustainable peace structures (Community Peace Teams) in 9 Local Governments in Plateau State.

  • CEPAN has also established 11 sustainable School Peace Clubs in 11 secondary schools in Plateau StatE.

  • CEPAN trained 90 people in Early Warning and Early Response (EWER).

  • CEPAN trained 270 people in Peace-building and Conflict Transformation.

  • CEPAN trained 330 students in peace-building and Conflict Transformation.

  • CEPAN trained 100 women in Income Generating Activities for Self-Reliance.

  • CEPAN supported community interfaith corporative societies with revolving funds for joint projects under its micro-credit scheme programme.

  • CEPAN linked the community interfaith corporative societies with National Poverty Eradication Programme (NAPEP) for technical and financial support.

  • CEPAN trained over 500 National Youth Service Corps Members in Community Development Service (CDS) in past 4 years (2009 -2011).

  • CEPAN organized the first Plateau State School Peace Summit in collaboration with Justice, Peace and Reconciliation Movement (JPRM) for 200 students.

  • CEPAN participated actively in VSO/British Council Community-Exchange Programme between Nigeria and Britain.

  • CEPAN was actively involved in the planning and convening of the first “International Peace Conference” in Jos (June 2009).

  • CEPAN had successfully organised ‘Annual Peace Award/conference” in 2006, 2007, and 2008; and so far the total of 17  individuals and organizations have been presented with awards in recognition of their contribution to peacebuilding and conflict mitigation in their respective communities in Plateau State.

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